Branding, Communication, Visual Language

ColourNext 2021

ColourNext is one of the most prominent events in the India Design space. It has been regarded as the most comprehensive colour forecast that has been setting the standard for Indian interior design. This event has the attention of India's most prominent architects and interior designers who participate via the exhibition, digital and print media collaterals.

Villacmyk has been an important part of this journey. Our contribution with the Visual language design has helped Asian Paints convey their Colour Forecasts across multiple collaterals, like the Decor Direction book, Colour book, Swatch kits and the physical exhibition. Our visual language is inspired by the Colour of the year 2021- Cherish. Cherish (Colour code – Ivy League 7585), is a nurturing, humble and fresh colour that restores a sense of balance. This restorative yet effervescent shade brings restless minds to a place of hope so one can imagine a better world and a more balanced self.

Our work on the Visual Language captures gentle nuances in our daily living – A peaceful walk in a park, the blooming of a flower, the quaint flying of kites in an empty field. By using impressionist imagery the visuals engage the user in the details of the graphics. It allows them to Cherish smaller moments and details in life, inducing a feeling of hope that's enduring and uplifting.

(The design exercise has been carried out for and in collaboration with studio Wariwatai)

Design & Illustration

Trusha Sawant