Illustration, Web Design


Visual Language and website design for PAAR. PAAR is a non-partisan research and advocacy organisation focused on prison reforms and open prison advocacy. PAAR is a very information-heavy website and the challenge was to make all the facts accessible and palatable to the viewer.

Visual Language: Villacmyk, stepped in to give PAAR a compassionate and knowledgable organisation which strives for change. The colour palette was softened with the introduction of secondary colours to bridge the stark black and pink. Skin tones were added to represent the varied prison population and their stories. An emotive, handsome and expressive illustration style was used to build empathy with the prisoner community. Infographics were introduced to convey facts and figures. A typographical mix of warm approachable serif type & a minimal clean supporting font created a good diversity for varied types of messaging.

Website Design: Information structuring was key so as to not overwhelm the audience with too much information. Information was diversified into different types of formats: 1) Bold brand statements 2)Facts and Figures 3)Descriptive text. The about us page uses a more storytelling format - with parallax animations to engage the user. Interesting visual filters to engage the user to read articles and sift through the research. Map-based navigation to provide information about each location-specific prison.