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ColourNext 2022 Website

ColourNext is one of the most prominent events in the India Design space. It has been regarded as the most comprehensive colour forecast that has been setting the standard for Indian interior design. This event has the attention of India's most prominent architects and interior designers who participate via the exhibition, digital and print media collaterals.

Our contribution to the Website design has helped not only structure the trend forecast for a digital space but also create a very engaging digital experience. The website design language is bold, dynamic and contemporary. We used bold typography to create a very clear hierarchy of messaging across all the varied forecasts. A horizontal scroll with a unique tab design has been introduced to make the key forecast sections easy to navigate. We stayed away from the traditional vertical scroll format to make the information discovery engaging for interior designers and architects. Parallax and small animated movements add depth to the design.

We worked on a mobile-first approach to provide unique navigation to the mobile user.


(The design exercise has been carried out for and in collaboration with studio Wariwatai)

Website Template Design