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Visual Language, Brand positioning and Website design for a brand of handwoven apparel and earthenware called Sabrangi. Sabrangi is a social impact driven brand that produces handcrafted fabric, earthenware and other handicrafts produced by women artisans of Bihar. By creating a socio-economic platform, Sabrangi intends to support native artisan techniques & culture. True recognition for rural art, economic sustainability, a safe working environment and dignity for labour are key to their value system. Villacmyk worked on various aspects of the brand, including - refinement of the logo, visual language, tone of voice, collateral design and website design.

Logo Refinement and Visual Language: Villacmyk stepped in to give Sabrangi a truly earthy, gentle, subtle yet colourful persona to imbibe the artistic spirit of Rural Bihar. The logotype characters of the older logo were reworked to create a more unified and legible logotype. The colour palette was toned down to create a more mature brand. Colour associations were created to link each colour to a specific product vertical. The illustration style is an inspired adaptation from the Madhubani paintings of Bihar and Jharkhand. A set of illustrated women mascots, representing the weavers and artisans of Sabrangi were key to the storytelling of the brand.

Brand Positioning & Copywriting: The tone of voice and language developed for Sabrangi accentuates the very regional cultural and artistic attribute of Bihar. A unique yet subtle style of writing was adopted to identify and verbalise the beautiful stories, processes and skills that called Sabrangi it's home.

Website Design: Our web design process imbibes and reflects the basic, yet folksy and colourful attributes of the artisan community of Bihar. We house this very formative and inspiring process of creating Artistic handicrafts using a colourful palette across all our web design elements.

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Brand Positioning & copywriting

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