Tea Trunk

Social media design campaigns for a tea brand. Teatrunk is a gourmet tea brand which makes artisanal tea blends. The Talking Hands: Bold playful coloured hands having conversations over tea.

Summer Ice Tea Campaign: A play in colour. Capturing the sunshine and the tropical yellows in a video series styled with utmost detail to showcase four fabulous ice teas.

Charcoal Matcha: Introducing the Charcoal Matcha tea through a complete black tone on tone look. The origami objects bring in an element of calm and zen and capture the mood of this tea gracefully.

Origami credits: Shiv Ananthanarayanan

Blue Pea Tea: We gather all the blues from our design palette to bring together a very opulent and mesmerising representation for the blue pea tea. A table setting in blue unfolds piece by piece to reveal the magic of this tea.

Origami credits: Shiv Ananthanarayanan

Matcha: Introducing the Matcha Green Tea as a superfood. Benefits of matcha highlighted by creating icons with the matcha tea powder itself.

Art Direction & Animation

Trusha Sawant | Yogesh Desai | Alisha Pereira

Video & Photography | Blue Pea, Summer Teas & Hand Campaign

Shrinivas Ananthanarayanan